South African Journal of Sports Medicine

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A tale of two sit-bones: The cyclist’s ischial hygroma (Perineal nodular induration)

J Swart, R.V.P. de Villiers, F Roux, F Rademan, G Thom


The ischial hygroma, also known as a perineal nodular induration, is a relatively rare and mostly cycling-specific injury that is often incorrectly diagnosed and managed. Here two cases with divergent managements are described to highlight the spectrum of treatment available to manage this condition. The presentation, assessment and management of two cases of perineal nodular induration are discussed.

The management options, namely surgical excision vs conservative management, with saddle pressure mapping highlight that there is no single optimal method and that a multidisciplinary approach should be applied to treat these injuries successfully. Perineal nodular induration should be investigated appropriately to exclude less benign causes of perineal masses. Conservative management and surgical excision can both be successful. Clinicians should be familiar with the assessment and management of this relatively rare but debilitating condition in competitive cyclists.

Keywords: cycling, perineal injury
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