A bird survey of the Budalang’i Flood Plain, Busia County, Kenya

  • Oliver Nasirwa
Keywords: species, richness, abundance, diversity, wetlands


A seven-day survey of birds was carried out in the Budalang’i Flood Plain area in May 2019. Twenty line transects totalling 24.83km in length were covered using the distance sampling technique. A total of 6149 individuals of 151 bird species were recorded. Species associated with farmlands (Ploceus pelzelni and Columba guinea) and wetlands (Anastomus lamelligerus) were the most frequently encountered and numerous. The Oluhongo Swamp, which is part of the northern extension of Yala Swamp Important Bird Area, had the highest species richness and diversity. Papyrus endemics and threatened swamp-dependent species such as Laniarius mufumbiri,
Cisticola carruthersi, Crithagra koliensis, Muscicapa aquatica, Acrocephalus gracilirostris and Bradypterus carpalis were recorded. Two individuals of the Endangered Balearica regulorum were recorded as well. No Palaearctic migrant species were recorded as it was outside the migration period. Habitat loss and pressure resulting from drainage of swamps to reclaim land, strengthening of dykes to reduce the impact of the floods, pollution and extension of agricultural activities continue to threaten the future existence of these  endemic and endangered species.

Keywords: species, richness, abundance, diversity, wetlands


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