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Pancreatic Carcinoma With Hepatic Metastasis And Early Signs Of Sinistral Portal Hypertension

A Ismail, TA Tabari


Pancreatic carcinoma is one of the lethal neoplasms. Involvement of pancreatic body and tail are uncommon compared to that of the head and neck. Sinistral portal hypertension is a rare complication of pancreatic tumor which results from obstruction of portal vein tributaries. Imaging may be the only clue to diagnosis. Computed tomography is the current modality of choice for diagnosis and staging of pancreatic carcinoma. This report presents a rare form of pancreatic carcinoma complicated by sinistral portal hypertension in a 52-year-old woman with weight loss and abdominal mass. It also illustrated the value of imaging in making the diagnosis.

Key words: pancreatic carcinoma, portal hypertension.
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