Sahel Medical Journal will be published quarterly in January, April, July and October, Four issues, therefore, will constitute a volume. Each issue will, initially, have approximately eighty pages. The Journal, welcomes contributions relating to all aspects of clinical and basic medical sciences form workers throughout the world. Contributions may be in form of original articles, reviews, preliminary communications, case reports, letters, news items and notes. Articles, not exceeding ten printed pages, should be written in English and typed in double spacing on one side of the paper only, with a left-hand margin of four cm. Articles should have a title page containing the name(s) of the author(s), along with only 1 (one) accepted qualification/degree or Fellowship and the places(s) of work. The article should also have a brief "summary" not exceeding one hundred and fifty words, and be typed on a separate sheet of paper. Sub-headings of the article should preferably be commenced on separate sheets of paper except for “Acknowledgement(s)”, if any. Authors are to submit 3 (three) copies of the manuscript along with a covering letter. Articles undergoing consideration elsewhere should not be submitted. Styles: Manuscript must conform to acceptable English usage. Abbreviations must be limited primarily to those in general use. All measurements should be according to the SI/Metric system. Patients are to be referred by numbers or letters. The eyes, where photographs are used, must be covered and if full-face is shown, an accompanying statement of consent signed by the patient must be included. References: These must be identified in the text by superscript arabic numerals in the order of their mention. The reference list should be typed at the end of the text in numeric sequence. The format should conform to the Vancouver Style, for example BMJ 1991; 302:338-41, N ENGL J Med 1991; 324:24-8. Journal title should conform to the abbreviations used in Index Medicus. Please avoid dots or comas after these abbreviations. Examples of references are given below. For Journal Articles: Osuntokun B O, Odeku BL, Adeloye RBA: Cerebrovascular accident in Nigerians. A study of 348 patients. W Afr Med J 1969; 18:160-72. Ibrahim M, Yakubu AM, Emembolu JO: Cord blood alphafetoprotein levels in gestational age assessment: Nig J Paediatr 1994: 21(1):8-11. If more than 5 authors, then give names of first three and add et al thereafter; otherwise give the names of all 5 authors. For Books: Serjeant GR: Sickle Cell Diseage. Oxford. Oxford University Press, 1985. Mabry CC: Ranges for laboratory tests. In: Behrman RE, Vaughan VC, Nelson WE. Eds. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics, Ed. 13:WB Saunders Co. Philadelphia 1987:P. 1535-1558. Illustrations and Tables Figures should be in black Indian ink, numbered with arabic numerals; the legends should be typed on separate sheets. Glossy photographs are preferred to original charts. However, original medical drawings should be submitted. Authors should indicate by an erect arrow sign, at the back of each photography or figure, to indicate the "Erect" or "upright" format to be used. Table should contain no perpendicular lines, and the horizontal lines should be at a minimum, enough to separate the main headings from the rest of the Table, and one at the end. Roman numerals should be used to number Tables and descriptive headings for each Table should be given

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