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Awareness And Compliance Of Women Of Childbearing Age In A Nigerian Urban Community With The TT1 - TT5 Immunization Schedule

JO Bamidele, SH Umoh


This cross-sectional survey assessed the level of awareness and compliance of the women of childbearing age in a tertiary institution in Southwest Nigeria with the TT1-TT5 immunization schedule, a major strategy, introduced in 1989 for the global elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus.

The study revealed that only 36.3% of the respondents were aware of the schedule and only 35.8% have so far commenced the schedule. The higher educational level of the women surveyed not withstanding, was not positively associated (p>0.05) with their awareness or compliance of the TT1- TT5 immunization schedule. However, the respondents' occupation/profession was found to be positively associated (p<0.05). Only 10.4% of the respondents have received at least two doses of the tetanus toxoid (TT2+) immunization which, fall far below the recommended 80% or more needed to achieve and maintain neonatal tetanus (NT) elimination. Some reasons given by the respondents for non-compliance were lack of information on the need for the schedule, lack of organized campaign to make it mandatory and non-availability of the TT vaccine in the health centres during respondents' visits.

The study concluded that there is a wide gap between policy formulation for the TT1-TT5 immunization schedule and the actual practice among a relatively educated population of women of childbearing age surveyed. Recommendations are given as to how the awareness and compliance can be increased among the target population.

(KEY WORDS: TT1-TT5 immunization schedule; Women of childbearing age; Elimination of maternal and neonatal tetanus).

Sahel Medical Journal Vol.6(4) 2003: 121-125

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