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Increase in Caesarean Section Delivery at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu, Nigeria

PC Ibekwe, ST Tabansi


Objective: Caesarean section rate has been on the increase of recent. This study therefore looked at he hospital Caesarean section rate, the indications and the reasons for the high rate.

Materials: Caesarean sections performed at the UNTH, Enugu over a two-year period (January 1995 – December 1996) were reviewed.

Results: Of the 1,641 deliveries, 450 were by caesarean section giving a rate of 27.4%. The commonest indication was two previous caesarean sections. Other major indications were, cephalopelvic disproportion (18.2%), fetal distress (17.1%), pregnancy induced hypertension (16.1%), obstructed labour (14.0%). 40.4% of the patients were primigravidae and 26.0% of the cases were unbooked while 56.7% were emergency procedures.

Conclusion: The hospital caesarean section rate of 27.4% represents 1.5 fold or 66.8% rise over previous study. Some of the indications might not be justified if necessary facilities for fetomaternal monitoring and requisite manpower were available and properly utilized. The importance of education of our women on the need for early booking, regular attendance to antenatal clinics and hospital delivery is also emphasized.

Sahel Medical Journal Vol.7(1) 2004: 6-9
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