Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences

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A six year (2005-2010) retrospective study of avian coccidiosis diagnosed in Gombe veterinary clinic, Nigeria

HA Grema, A Suleiman, JL Rabana, YA Geidam


Chicken Coccidiosis remains one of the major diseases of concern in the poultry production enterprise in Nigeria. A six year retrospective study to establish the prevalence of chicken Coccidiosis (CC) in relation to other poultry  diseases diagnosed at the Veterinary Clinic Gombe was conducted. CC occurred year round with high prevalence  during the rainy season (July-September). Incidence of CC was 1.7 more likely to occur in November. CC is endemic  with higher prevalence during the rainy season in Gombe. Farmers should adhere to routine chemoprophylaxis and  avoid factors of predisposition to coccidiosis especially during the rainy season.

Keywords: Avian coccidiosis, Gombe, Northeastern Nigeria, Retrospective prevalence, Seasonality

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