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Published: 2024-02-08

Cryptosporidium infection in captive wild animals at Sanda Kyarimi Zoo in Maiduguri, Nigeria

S.M. Jajere, B.T. Paul, I.I. Fika, S.G. Adamu, M.A. Sadiq, A.M. Mamman

177 - 184

Granulomatous pneumonia due to metastrongylus species associated with Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and Pasteurella multocida in slaughtered pigs

M.O. Olaniyi, F.A. Akande, M.I. Takeet, E.O. Omoshaba, O.A. Akintuotu, T.A. Jarikre, A.O. Sonibare, O.E. Ojo, B.O. Emikpe

185 – 193

Screening of meat sold for human consumption in Benue State, Nigeria for antibiotic residues

N.O. Onminyi, C.A. Agada, I.I. Luga, R.A. Ofukwu, P.A. Onyeyeli

226 - 229

Parasitism and rumen impaction in a 5-month–old Yankasa ewe: A clinico-pathological report

N.A. Sani, A.A. Mobolaji, S.E. Abalaka, O.Z. Tenuche, M.A. Adeiza, C.E. Ejiofor, R.J. Lawal, V.O. Kolawole, O.D. Olayemi

230 - 234

Time to treat the climate and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency

K. Abbasi, P. Ali, V. Barbour, T. Benfield, K. Bibbins-Domingo, S. Hancocks, R Horton, L. Laybourn-Langton, R. Mash, P. Sahni, W.M. Sharief, A. Shehab, P. Yonga, C. Zielinski

235 - 238

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