Clinico-pathological effects of single oral dose of cypermethrin in guinea pigs

  • AO Omonona
  • TA Jarikre
  • AT Adetuga
Keywords: Cavia, Cypermethrin, Environment, Toxicity, wildlife


The effect of environmental intoxication and one time accidental oral  ingestion of cypermethrin was studied in the guinea pig through exposure to sublethal concentrations of the pesticide. The clinical, haematologic, and biochemical changes were monitored within 72 hours of exposure.  Haemocytometric method was used to evaluate the erythrogram and leucogram changes, and microscopy for histopathology. There were significant increases in the eosinophil count, ALP, creatinine, cholesterol, globulin and albumin and decrease in urea levels and thrombocytopaenia (P>0.05). There were diffuse moderate vascular congestion and mononuclear cellular infiltrates in the interstitium of the lungs, and degeneration in the liver and kidney. Single oral ingestion of cypermethrin altered biochemical parameters commensurate with tissue changes. Cypermethrin exposure and intoxication of animals in the environment may contribute to morbidity and ecotoxicity.
Keywords: Cavia, Cypermethrin, Environment, Toxicity, wildlife

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eISSN: 1595-093X
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