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Incidence, diagnosis and management of eye affections in dogs

JF Akinrinmade, OI Ogungbenro


A retrospective study of ocular affections in dogs was conducted at some selected clinics and hospitals in Southwest Nigeria between 2003 and, 2013 to determine the incidence, pattern of distribution, methods of diagnosis and treatment modalities using descriptive statistical tool. Overall incidence of eye affection in dogs was 6.62% with Alsatian breed being the most affected. Majority of ocular affections occurred in dogs less than 5 years of age with the eyelid/conjunctiva being the most affected anatomical location. Conjunctivitis was the most frequently diagnosed clinical condition. Sex wise more females were affected than males. Diagnosis was based on physical examination only in majority of cases with trauma being the most frequent cause of ocular affection. Majority of ocular affections were managed medically with gentamicin being the most prescribed medication while lid repair was the most performed surgery. Poor documentation and lack of facilities possibly affected the outcome of the investigation in the study location.

Keywords: Affection, Diagnosis, Dogs, Eye, Incidence, Management
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