Assessment of mating profile of male Wistar rats administered single and pooled extracts of Phoenix dactylifera and Cocos nucifera

  • B.E. Atoigwe-Ogeyemhe
  • P.U. Achukwu
  • E.B. Odigie
Keywords: Cocos nucifera, Mating profile, Phoenix dactylifera, Sexual arousal, Libido, Sex enhancer


Phoenix dactylifera (date) and Cocos nucifera (coconut) are edible and medicinal crops consumed in Africa to stimulate male sexual performances. Incidence of sexual incompetence, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and reduced libido are on the rise. Consequently, the effect of a pooled extract on mating profiles to determine the sexual performance efficiency in male Wistar rats was investigated. Fifty-two first filial (FI) generation in-bred healthy male Wistar rats were randomly selected and grouped into A to M (n=4) per cage. Group (A) received distilled water and served as the control, while group B, C, D and E received 250, 500, 750 and 1,000mg/kg of the date extract. Graded doses as described earlier were also administered to Group F, G, H and I (coconut milk) and J, K, l and M (mix extract) as oral single daily doses for 60 days. Rats adapted to the sanitized animal room condition for 14 days and adequately provided pelletized rat feed and water ad libitum. The crops were purchased from the open market and processed using maceration apparatus and spray drying process for the date and coconut extract extractions, and were pooled in equal proportion. Mating profiles were assessed by monitoring the activities of each rat in a rectangular Plexiglas surveillance chamber (52 x 45 x 38 cm) on 20th, 40th and 60th days of the treatments by observing in a sound-attenuated room after introducing an equivalent number of female rats (n=52). The mating parameters either decreased or increased in a dose-dependent manner; without traces of weakness or reduced penile reflexes and a higher significance in the combination (P ≤ 0.025) than date (P ≤ 0.045) and coconut (P ≥ 0.05) extracts. We conclude that P. dactylifera and C. nucifera mix has lasting potentials on mating profile in male Wistar rats.

Keywords: Cocos nucifera, Mating profile, Phoenix dactylifera, Sexual arousal, Libido, Sex enhancer


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eISSN: 2315-6201
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