The different traditional pre-slaughter handling methods for dogs at Jos south Local Government Area of Plateau State, Nigeria

  • S.D. Oziegbe
  • M.N. Patrobas
  • H.I. Dunka
  • D.M. Buba
  • G.Y. Gurumyen
  • A.O. Oragwa
Keywords: Dog, Frequency, Handling, Market, Pre-slaughter


The consumption of dog meat has been reported in many countries of the world including Nigeria. Different pre-slaughter handling methods are commonly used prior to dog slaughter in many parts of the country including Plateau State. This study determined the frequency and reasons for the use of the various traditional preslaughter handling methods at the “Angwan Kare” Dog Market Jos. Relevant data were collected from 120 butchers interviewed randomly in groups of 20 for six consecutive days. The data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics. A total of 120 butchers were interviewed, 114 (95%) used the strangulation method of preslaughter handling. The suffocation method was used by 2 butchers with 1.7% as the overall use frequency. The stunning method was used by 4 butchers with 3.3% as the overall frequency of use. It is evident from this study that the strangulation method with frequency of 95% is the most used of the pre-slaughter handling methods. Dog butchers should be trained and taught proper pre-slaughter stunning techniques to enhance meat quality and dog welfare through the relief of pain, fear and suffering.

Keywords: Dog, Frequency, Handling, Market, Pre-slaughter


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eISSN: 1595-093X
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