Occurrence of tuberculosis and predictors of zoonotic TB transmission among livestock workers in Lafia, Nigeria

  • C.A. Agada
  • J. Mohammed
  • A.E.J. Okoh
  • A.J. Ogugua
Keywords: Knowledge, Practices, Predictors, Prevalence, Tuberculosis


Although tuberculosis (TB) is prevalent in domestic animals and man in Nigeria, prevalence and zoonotic tuberculosis (ZTB) predictors information among livestock workers in Lafia, is scarce. This study determined TB prevalence and ZTB predictors among livestock workers in the town.
In a cross-sectional study, sputum samples from 96 participants selected by systematic random sampling (56 abattoir workers and 40 cattle herdsmen and marketers), to whom semi-structured questionnaire was issued, were tested with Ziehl Neelson stain. Data generated were analysed with STATA 12 and OpenEpi at 0.05 critical value (α). From the 96 samples, 13.54% prevalence was recorded. Awareness of ZTB was 60.42% and logistic regression analysis showed good knowledge of ZTB as the predictor (OR=62.89, 95% CI=7.19-549.69, P=0.000). Similarly, ZTB knowledge was 37.50% and the significant predictors were being old (OR=22.09, 95% CI=1.11-13.38, P=0.034); well aware (OR=22.09, 95% CI=2.61-187.27, P=0.005) and good practices (OR=4.78, 95% CI=1.39-16.60) towards ZTB. Thirty-four percent of the respondents engaged in good practices preventing ZTB exposure with the predictors being: an abattoir worker (OR = 3.03, 95% CI=1.04-9.09, P=0.042) and having ZTB good knowledge (OR=4.36, 95% CI=1.33-14.22, P=0.015). Tuberculosis was prevalent among the participants and they need enlightenment on ZTB transmission since they lacked good knowledge, attitudes and practices that prevent it.

Keywords: Knowledge, Practices, Predictors, Prevalence, Tuberculosis


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