Prevalence of bovine tuberculosis using single comparative intradermal tubeculin test (SCITT) in Fulani herds in Nasarawa state, north central Nigeria

  • CA Yohanna
  • IF Ijabone
  • SIB Cadmus
Keywords: Tuberculosis, Cattle, Nassarawa State, PPD-Tuberculin


In a study to determine the prevalence of bovine tuberculosis in the cattle population of Nasarawa State, 199 cattle were randomly selected and screened using the Single Comparative Intradermal Tuberculin Test (SCITT).
A 15.08% reactor rate was observed in the cattle screened. While the bulls and calves had 1.00% and 2.51% reactor rate respectively. The cows had as high as 11.56% which is statistically significant (P.0.05). The infected cows would continue to be the source of infection to susceptible cattle especially the calves and humans. Control measures such as public enlightenment, mandatory pasteurization of milk before sale to the public and trace back of infected carcass to the herd with subsequent test and slaughter with full compensation have been suggested.

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eISSN: 1595-093X
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