A survey on tick species infesting domestic birds sold at Sokoto central market, Nigeria

  • MDA Bunza
  • MM Yahaya
  • AS Muhammad
  • AR Saidu


A Survey on tick species of domestic birds was carried out at Sokoto Market between August and November, 2007. A total of 450 domestic birds, 150 each of chickens, guinea fowls and pigeons were examined for the presence of ticks. Out ofthese 135 (30%) were found infested. 90 (60%) of which were chickens, 45 (30%) were guinea fowls and none of the pigeons were infested. In all 89 ticks were isolated, 61(68%) from chickens and 28(33.3%) from guinea fowls. Out of the 61 ticks identified from chickens 38(62.2%) were of Argas persicus, 20 (32.7%) A.walkerae and 3 (4.9%) were Ornithodoros moubata. Out of the 28 ticks isolated from guinea fowls, 16(57.2%) were A. persicus, 06 (21.4%) A.walkerae, 04 (14.3%) were O. moubata and only 02(7.1%) were O. savignyi. The study on location of ticks isolation revealed that out of the 89 ticks identified, 31(34.8%) were isolated from under the wings, 30 (33.7%) were isolated around the cloacal (vent) region, 28 (31.4%) were isolated from the breast area and none from head or neck region. The study showed that Sokoto area is an endemic area as far as ticks ectoparasites are concerned, with chickens having higher prevalence and A .persicus more common than the other species.