Sprachvermittlung und Spracherwerb in Afrika. Deutsch nach Englisch im südafrikanischen Kontext: Theorie und Praxis

  • Anne Baker
Keywords: multilingualism, language-constellation, metalinguistic and linguistic awareness, socioeconomic relationships, Multilingualismus, Sprachenkonstellation, metalinguistisches und linguistisches Bewusstsein, sozio-ökonomische Verhältnisse


Teaching foreign languages in a multilingual context, such as one finds in South African schools, poses unique questions. The theory that pedagogically underpins and articulates the value of the study of foreign languages is internationally established and thus also valid in the South African context. Nevertheless, one has to consider language constellations in given multilingual circumstances in planning for the introduction and development of foreign languages in education, particularly where the primary language of learners is not a language of instruction and learning. This paper addresses the question of the desirability of teaching German as a foreign language to learners whose language of learning is not their first language and who have not yet mastered this language on an enabling level.

Keywords: multilingualism, language-constellation, metalinguistic and linguistic awareness, socioeconomic relationships

Schlüsselbegriffe: Multilingualismus, Sprachenkonstellation, metalinguistisches und linguistisches Bewusstsein, sozio-ökonomische Verhältnisse


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eISSN: 2224-3380