Interplay of Regeneration, Structure and Uses of Some Woody Species in Chilimo Forest, Central Ethiopia

  • T Soromessa
  • E Kelbessa


Studies on the regeneration, structural and uses of some woody species in Chilimo Forest, one of the dry Afromontane Forests of Ethiopia were  conducted. To gather vegetation and environmental data from the study forest, a 900 m2 (30 m x 30 m) quadrat was laid following the  homogeneity of vegetation. Investigation of the seedling density and regeneration of target species has been carried out using the same quadrat size, 30 m x 30 m. In each of these quadrats, the numbers of all seedlings that are up to the height of 150 cm were recorded. Individuals attaining 150 cm and above in height but less than 10 cm thick were considered as sapling and counted. Interview was conducted for the  investigation of the various pressures exerted on different species. All together the plant species recorded from Chilimo Forest are 213 which can be categorised into 83 families. Of these, the highest proportion is the angiosperm (represented by 193 species) followed by pteridophyta (16 species); the least represented being the gymnosperms (represented by 2 exotic and 2 indigenous species). Structural and regeneration studies of some woody species indicated that there are species that require urgent conservation measures. To provide a better management and monitoring as well as to maintain the biodiversity, cultural and economic values of the forest unsustainable utility of the forest would be controlled with the various conservation activities in place.

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eISSN: 2305-3372
print ISSN: 2226-7522