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Forest Carbon Stocks in Woody Plants of Arba Minch Ground Water Forest and its Variations along Environmental Gradients

B M Wolde
E Kelbessa
T Soromessa


The role of forests in mitigating the effect of climate change depends on the carbon sequestration potential and management. This study was conducted to estimate the carbon stock and its variation along environmental gradients in Arba Minch Ground Water Forest. The data was collected from the field by measuring plants with a DBH of >5cm in quadrat plots of 10 X 20 m and the carbon stocks of each plant were analyzed by using allometric equations. From this study the mean total carbon stock density of Arba Minch Ground Water Forest was found to be 583.27 t ha-1, of which 829.12 t ha-1, 165.88 t ha-1, 1.28 t ha-1, 83.80 t ha-1 was contained in the above ground carbon, belowground carbon, litter carbon and soil organic carbon (0-30 cm depth) 0respectively. Similarly, the analysis of carbon stock variation of different carbon pools on eight different aspects of the forest area showed a significant variation with the exception of litter carbon stock and this is due to fast decomposition rate of litters and low amount of litter fall in the forest. The amount of carbon stock in above and belowground biomass, soil organic carbon and the total carbon stock was higher on the southern aspect as compared to other aspects. This study concluded that the carbon stock value of Arba Minch Ground Water Forest is large, and this will serve as a potential entry point for the engagement of the forest in REDD project.

Keywords: Environmental variables; Ground Water Forest; Climate change; Biomass; Forest carbon stock

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