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Factors Affecting Prenatal Care Utilization in East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

T Regassa
G Agero


The objective of the study was to identify factors affecting utilization of prenatal care and skilled birth attendant in East Wollega zone. Prenatal care and skilled birth attendant are crucial factor which affects the health and wellbeing of the mother and newborn and help the women to access skilled assistance, drugs, equipment and referral linkages. Even though, antenatal care coverage was relatively high in Oromia region (31.3%), skilled birth attendant utilization was low (8%). A total of 320 respondents were included in the study and data were collected using structured questionnaires. Data were first checked manually for completeness and then coded and entered into Epi Info version 6.04 and analyzed using SPSS version 20.0. Bivariate analyses between dependent and independent variable was performed using binary logistic regression separately. To control the effect of confounding variables, multiple logistic regressions were done. Multivariable logistic regression was used to identify predictors’ of prenatal care. Statistical significance was determined through a 95% confidence level. Women who attended secondary and above education were about fourteen times (AOR: 13.908, 95% CI: 1.177-164.311) more likely to utilize prenatal care. Partner’s formal education was also associated with increased prenatal care (AOR: 1.915, 95% CI: 1.016-3.607). Partner occupation was also associated with prenatal care (AOR: 16.131, 95% CI: 1.482-175.564). The study highlight that housewives were less likely to receive prenatal care from skilled professionals (AOR: 0.368, 95% CI: 0.150-0.903). Another predictor of prenatal care was having functional communication materials (AOR: 2.145, 95% CI: 1.187-3.876). Longer waiting time at health institutions (AOR: 0.317, 95% CI: 0.122-0.825) was significantly associated with prenatal care. Reported skill of health care providers (AOR: 2.406, 95% CI: 1.051-5.509) were significantly associated with prenatal care.

Keywords: Prenatal care; Skilled birth attendant; East Wollega