Reproductive and Lactation Performance of Crossbreed Dairy Cows in Bishoftu, Ada’a Distict of East Shoa, Eastern Ethiopia

  • Zelalem Abera
  • Biniam Mengiste
  • Tilaye Demise
Keywords: Age Cross breed Genetic level Performance Production Reproduction


For several years, Ethiopia ranked first in cattle population in Africa. However, the dairy industry is not as developed as that of East African countries including Ethiopia. This study was conducted to assess the reproductive and lactation performance and factors affecting crossbreed dairy cattle in intensive dairy farm in Bishoftu, Ada’a district of Ethiopia. A total of 215 dairy cows’ data were recruited for the study from Ethiopian meat and dairy industry development institute from 2008-2014 data records on 4 upgraded genetic groups of crossbreeds (50% Friesian x 50% Borana F1 75% Friesian x 25% Borana F2, 87.5% Friesian x 12.5% Borana F3, 93.75% Friesian x 6.25% BoranaF4). The traits studied were age at first service (AFS), age at first calving (AFC), calving interval (CI), number of service per conception (NSPC), dry period (DP), lactation length (LL) and milk yield per lactation (MYPL). It was revealed that the mean age at 1st service (23.7±4.08months) and mean age at 1st calving (33.36±4.6months) of F4 were lower (p<0.05) than those of other genetic groups. The lowest mean of calving interval 13.2±1.45months was observed from F2 compared to other genetic groups with the absence of statistically difference (p>0.05). The lowest number of service per conception (1.2±0.34) was determined from F2 as compared to other genetic groups with statistically difference (p<0.05). The lowest mean for dry period (75.5±22.7 day) was recorded from F2 as compared to other genetic groups with statistically difference (p>0.05). Comparatively, highest mean for lactation length and milk yield per lactation recorded from F4 were 12.68±3.12months and 3579±842 litters, respectively with the absence of statistically difference (p>0.05). In short, the overall mean values for AFS, AFC, CI and NSPC were 24±4.16, 34.6±5.37, 14.64±2.2 and 1.35±0.423 months, respectively was observed. Also the overall mean values for DP, LL and MYPL were 81.32±18.671days, 11.96±2.5months and 3386.22±898.719litters obtained in this finding. Generally, good reproductive and lactation of performances were recorded during this study and the reproductive and productive performance of dairy cows still needs better management practices, improved nutrition and use of new reproductive technology for more improvement.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2305-3372
print ISSN: 2226-7522