The Issue of Universality and Contemporary Ethiopian Fiction

  • S Gopal


The Western critic often finds African fiction in English devoid of such universal elements as ‘love’ and its various manifestations. The African mind wishes to stop further discussion about ‘universality’. The purpose of present research is to underline the fact that ‘love’ as a theme in African fiction is not conspicuous by its absence and even the fictional narratives written by the new comers in the field- The Ethiopian Fiction in English –is worth noting and appreciating in this regard. Starting from Sahle Sellassie Berhane Mariam and Dagnachew Worku to Meron Tekleberhan novelists of the day depict ‘love’ in all its aspects. They not only write to influence people and shape a better society but also cater to the tastes of the new generation to inculcate in them reading habits in a foreign language and to instill in them values necessary to survive in the expanding world.

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