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Intertekstualiteit en modernistiese kompleksiteit in Henriette Grové se Linda Joubert-romans

A Wessels


Henriette Grové debuted in 1947 as an author of popular stories in women’s magazines under the pseudonym Linda Joubert. Meulenhof se mense and Die laat lente appeared in the nineteen-fifties in Sarie Marais and were published in book form in the early nineteen-sixties. Although the author expressed her opposition to an evaluation of these popular romantic tales as part of her literary oeuvre, the two novels reveal a surprising complexity and density as regards both content and narrative structure which strongly link them in theme and technique to her recognized literary oeuvre, so that the two novels emerge as worthy literary texts in their own right after all, while they clearly function within the conventions of the genre of the romance novel. The novels also reveal an impressive range of sophisticated literary allusions which further characterize them as modernist.

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