Igbo Language as a Crucial Instrument for National Development

  • A Agbanusi


One basic distinction of man from other animals is a high level of rationality, involving clear verbal language or speech. Man thinks and expresses himself in language. Language therefore, is one aspect of rationality that is peculiar to man: it is a human activity. The English  language is generally believed to be the most widely spoken language in the world today. Incidentally, it is also the lingua franca in Nigeria. Besides English, Nigeria is estimated to have over two hundred ethnic languages.
The major three among them are Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba. But the  problem is that while the Hausa and Yoruba languages can be said to be progressing, as their range of acceptability (even by their non-native speakers) increases with time; the story is different with the Igbo language which dwindles day-by-day, irrespective of the fact that it promises to be a crucial tool for national development, especially considering its commercial background. This paper, therefore, addresses the problem, with a view to resuscitating and repositioning the Igbo language to assume this all important role.

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