Musicians and Nation Building- Need for Quality Control: Old and New Generation Music and Musicians Exemplified

  • Eunice U. Ibekwe


The growth of any nation is largely dependent upon a number of factors, which may be viewed from such perspectives as, fiscal status, economic development, political system, cultural awareness, social integration, security management, educational attainment, health facilities and other global endowment and or empowerment. One may then ask, what business has Music and Musicians on these afore mentioned developmental strategies. Obviously, music and musicians are integral to the full realization of any nation’s growth. They are culture propagators, indicators or pointers to nation’s identity, revenue generators, social and health promoters, moral censors, astute educationists and in fact, they constitute strong steering forces to a whole gamut of nation building. Therefore, if such powers are credibly inherent in music and musicians, the quality should be of utmost importance, otherwise the situation becomes farcical and unyielding to nation building. Well cultured individuals will make a better society. Standing on such premise, the paper made a comparative case, by critically analyzing some samples of music drawn from old and modern artistes between 60’s-80’s, and 2000 to date. It was discovered that most of the old generation music and musicians fulfill societal expectations better than the new and suggest that the later be properly censored to achieve a desired objective.


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eISSN: 1595-1413