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Psychoanalytic representation of poverty, corruption and the Nigerian Church in Chukwuma Ibezute’s Stain on a White Robe

Solomon Awuzie


This article contends that despite the fact that Nigeria is still referred to as a country that is blessed with enormous natural resources, writers and scholars have referred to it as a country that harbours some of the poorest people in the world. As a result, the act of swindling popularly known as “419” has taken the centre stage. Some of the fraud stars now feign to be pastors and prophets and own churches where they extort money and other valuables from their victims. This antisocial behaviour is noted in Chukwuma Ibezute’s White Robe. The novel depicts how poverty and corruption have crippled the present day Nigerian churches and got them almost all ruined.

Keywords: Poverty, Corruption, Christians, Church(es), Chukwuma Ibezute, Nigeria(ns)

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