Music as Art and Science: An Evaluation

  • Eunice. U. Ibekwe
Keywords: Art, Science, Relationship, Music, Imagination, Inspiration


Music is presented in this discourse as a coin with two sides –thus as an Art also as a science. Looking at music as an Art draws one’s attention to the artistic features and characteristics of music such as styles and skills of performances as in dancing, singing, playing instrument and its position in other related areas with similar attributes. On the other hand, seeing music from the perspective of a science, the study of acoustics, sound productions, mathematical relationships and intervallic applications are evident. Art involves creative thinking and inspiration to achieve an expected goal or a set objective. Science on its own employs knowledge interaction and inquiries to produce new scientific discoveries. Music co-habits these two complex entities in a seemingly integrative association. This paper therefore is a critical examination and evaluation of musical potency that qualifies it as an art as well as science. The argument is anchored on qualitative evaluation of materials drawn from related literatures and sources. It finally draws the conclusion that since music fits in properly, and performs creditably as an art, as well as maintains great affinity with science, it should be treated as a bicameral discipline.

Keywords: Art, Science, Relationship, Music, Imagination, Inspiration


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eISSN: 1595-1413