Oji: A Societal Bond from Cradle to Grave.

  • GI Udechukwu


Before the advent of the white-man, the Igbo people had held kolanuts in high esteem. The respect, honour and dignity accorded the kolanut had never been extended to any other nut or fruit. There was nothing one was doing without the kolanut. “Whether one was receiving a stranger, making a sacrifice, holding a ceremony or providing entertainment, kolanut must be vitally needed”. (Orji 1999). In the present Igbo Society, the presence of kolanut is nolonger well felt as people always replace it with other things like wine, garden eggs etc. If this should continue, the tradition accorded to kolanuts in Igbo land will fade away. This paper therefore, intended to give the concept of “Qj[,” its symbolism and its significance, in the Igbo world view. It went further to see “Qj[” as a thing or an instrument that holds the society together. This will help to widen the knowledge of the Igbo people on kolanut traditions and to boost the honour given to kolanut in Igbo land. It will also help the younger ones to understand the reason why Igbo people accord kolanut such honour. Related literally words were reviewed to widen the horizon of the research found in the analysis of the data collected, it was found out that: Igbo people especially youths no-longer accord respect and honour to kolanut. It was also discovered that western religion has taken over the real tradition of kolanut in Igbo land. Suggestions were made on the ways to restore the respect and honour given to kolanut in the past. In the end, summary and conclusion were drawn.

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eISSN: 1595-1413