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Folk Tale as a Tool for the Teaching of French Grammar: The Case of L.Araignee Et La Mort

FO Asadu


Apart from the use of songs, teaching aids and text books in a French language teaching class, folk tale could be used to teach grammar, composition or any aspect of the French language. It makes for easy understanding of the language and improves the students’ fluency in class. Bruno sees it as an alphabet primer where one learns to decode before  reading. In folktale, speaking precedes writing and the intellectual abilities of the students develop as they sit quietly and listen to the story. The aim of learning a language, especially a foreign language is to acquire linguistic tools to aid competence & performance, to manifest sociolinguistic and  pragmatic coloration in order to diversify linguistic and cultural repertories. This paper aims at teaching French tale entitled “L’araignée et la mort “in a French class,” using Communicative approach to teach Grammar,  Composition, Oral Comprehension and Phonetics.

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