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Cooking Characteristics of Three Parboiled Rice Varieties Locally Produced in Gogounou and Banikoara in North-Benin

Valère Dansou
Paul A. F. Houssou
Raoul K. Balogoun
Abel B. Hotegni


Abstract. The cooking ability of three (03) parboiled varieties (IR 841, Oroukokey and Burkina) was evaluated. The method used consisted of four (04) steps: (i) Experimental determination of rice cooking parameters, (ii) evaluation of the three cooking rice methods, (iii) physical quality assessment of the three cooked rice samples and (iv) validation of the best rice cooking method by the women processors. At the laboratory level, results obtained show that for 5 g of every rice variety tested, the variety IR 841 cooked more quickly than the two other
varieties with a cooking time of 24±2 min for IR 841 and 31.25±1.25min and 29±1min respectively for the Oroukokey and Burkina varieties. As for the swelling capacity, the Oroukokey varieties and Burkina swelled more (3.31±0.15% and 3.77±0.34% respectively) than IR 841 variety (2.99±0.22%). Results of the three cooking methods tested with the restaurants, showed that the double cooking and the steam cooking was the most suitable method for cooking of IR 841 whereas the direct cooking method was most preferred for the Oroukokey and Burkina varieties. In conclusion, the double cooking methods was recommended for IR 841while direct cooking method was recommended for the Oroukokey and Burkina varieties.

Keywords: IR 841, Oroukokey, Burkina, local, appropriate preparation.

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