Photoelectrochemical solar cells based on dye-sensitization of Nanocrystalline TiO2

  • D Gebeyehu
  • NS Sariciftci
Keywords: Solar Cells, Dye sensitized nc-TiO2, and Photoelectrochemistry


Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSCs) have attracted considerable interest as low-cost alternatives to conventional inorganic photovoltaic devices. With low-cost raw materials and relatively low-cost manufacturing technology and processes, deposited thin films have the potential to provide more than a 50 percent reduction in cost relative to traditional crystalline cell modules. Hence, we investigated the photoelectrochemical properties of mesoporous colloidal anatase films in connection with their potential application in liquid junction photovoltaic cells. A respectable light to electric energy conversion efficiency of about 9.5% in 9 mW/cm2 (∼ 1/10 Sun) was obtained. In comparison (a Isc = 2.2 mA/cm2 and an Voc = 600 mV under a white light illumination of 9 mW/cm2), we obtained Isc = 15 mA/cm2 and Voc = 760 mV at a light intensity of 85 mW/cm2 (direct Sun). We achieved extraordinary efficiency for the conversion of incident photons to converted electrons exceeding 80% within the wavelength range of the absorption band from RuL2(NCS)2: 2 TBA sensitizer.

Keywords: Solar Cells; Dye sensitized nc-TiO2; and Photoelectrochemistry



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print ISSN: 0514-6216