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Development and application of 2-parameters monthly water balance model in limited data situation, the case of Abayachamo basin, Ethiopia

SB Awulachew
HHB Horlacher


A monthly water batance model which can be used to generate runoff with few parameters is developed. The model is particularly useful for simulating runoff in cases of limited hydrometeorological and physical data, and where climatic conditions lead to low or large rainfall variations, like in temperate ,or semi-arid regions respectively. The model is used to simulate the runoff of 8 sub-catchments of the Abaya and Chamo Lakes drainage in the Rift -Valley Lakes Basin of Ethiopia. The results of both calibration and validation show the modetperforms acceptably well and can be used to generate runofffor similar catchments like the study area considered.

Key Words: Runoff Simulation, Water Balance, Limited Data Situation, GIS

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print ISSN: 0514-6216