Curriculum Review Process in the Context of ZIMASSET: Possible Linkages with the CIET Provisions

  • C. T. Nziramasanga University of Zimbabwe


This paper sets out to demonstrate the place and role of the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Education and Training (CIET) in the newly structured school curriculum for Zimbabwe.  It gives very valid reasons why school teachers, senior education authorities and other personnel of various ranks would resist implementing any new or reviewed curriculum, especially when the review emanated from Commission reports. Centrally, the paper shows the similarities and differences between the proposed “Reviewed Curriculum” and the recommendations of the CIET and shows the highlights of the differences that would result in complications when implementing the reviewed curriculum.  Of significant importance is the vast difference between the reviewed curriculum structure and that proposed by the CIET which was intended to eliminate, as much as possible, and infuse the old and new school structures in implementing the CIET proposed school curriculum.  On two different diagrams, the paper shows how the CIET structure could bring about a relevant and appropriate curriculum for the Zimbabwean school objectives for the 21st Century – the psychomotor skills centred curriculum.  The two structures raise vital research questions. 

Author Biography

C. T. Nziramasanga, University of Zimbabwe
Lecturer, Curriculum and Arts Department

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eISSN: 1013-3445