An Exploratory Study on the School Related Challenges Faced by Street Children in Harare

  • S. Mhizha University of Zimbabwe
  • T. Muromo University of Zimbabwe


The present study sought to explore the school related challenges faced by street children in Harare. Psychoethnography, a qualitative approach was employed in this study. A total of 22 participants took part in this study. Key informant interviews, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, participant and non-participant observations were the data collection methods. The data were analysed using thematic content analysis. Data analysis revealed factors that cause disaffiliation of street children from schools such as: their migratory nature, low achievement in schools, substance abuse, pregnancy, very active sexuality and lack of birth certificates. The street children, therefore, appear to be estranged from social institutions particularly schools. Among other recommendations, the study suggested that the education system in Zimbabwe should equip street children with life and vocational skills that empower them to eke a living without affecting their access to formal education. Consequently, there should be reforms in the education system in Zimbabwe to make schools attractive and to produce employable and skilled graduates.

Author Biographies

S. Mhizha, University of Zimbabwe
Lecturer, Department of Psychology
T. Muromo, University of Zimbabwe
Lecturer, Department of Psychology

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1013-3445