Morphology and chromosome numbers of Gongronema latifolia benth. clones from Nigeria

  • CU Agbo
  • NU Ukwu
Keywords: Cross compatibility, metacentric and submetacentric, ploidy


Cytological studies on the root-tips of four clones of Gongronema latifolia Benth. were conducted to identify cross-compatible clones for possible improvement through hybridisation. The results showed that the diploid
chromosomes number in G. latifolia was 2n = 16. Clones, IMS-20-NJIABA, AKS-33-EKPENE EDIENE, ANS-38-AWKA and ENS-47-MBU used in the study had 2n = 16, 2n = 16, 2n = 24 and 2n = 20 chromosomes, respectively.
This showed that ANS-38-AWKA and ENS-47-MBU are polyploids.  Chromosomes were metacentric and submetacentric, with only a pair of subtelocentric chromosome in ANS-38-AWKA. Chromosome lengths ranged
from 4.03 to 4.28 ìm, and were generally of the B-size. The F values ranged from 21.76 to 49.87%. Chromosomal variations among the clones suggest presence of high levels of cross incompatibility between clones that are not of
the same ploidy level. Hence, only clones IMS-20-NJIABA and AKS-33-EKPENE EDIENE that are of the same ploidy level will be cross compatible.

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eISSN: 2072-6589
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