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Published: 2024-03-28

Variabilité et gain génétique des génotypes de haricot biofortifiés à l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo

R.K. Kataliko, B.K. Muhasa, L.K. Ndulani, A.K. Kighoma, G.K. Mbahingana, E.F. Muhongya, L.K. Siviri, P.M. Kimani, J.S.Y. Eleblu, I. Asante, K. Ofori

1 - 17

Determination of combining ability and heritability for canning quality traits in common bean

E.V. Kesiime, S.T. Nkalubo, M. Ochwo-Ssemakula, I.O. Dramadri, C. Mukankusi, D. Nakimbugwe, R. Edema, P. Gibson , A. Badji

63 - 75

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