Published: 2014-01-06

Diagnostics of nitrogen deficiency in mini-cucumber plant by near infrared reflectance spectroscopy

S Ji-yong, Z Xiao-bo, Z Jie-wen, M Han-ping, W Kai-liang, C Zheng-wei, H Xiao-wei


Breeding of newly licensed wheat variety Huapei 8 and improved breeding strategy by anther culture

K Ming-hui, H Yan, H Bing-yan, Z Yong-ying, W Shi-jie, M Li-juan, Z Xin-you


A field evaluation of coated urea with biodegradable materials and selected urease inhibitors

N Junejo, MY Khanif, KA Dharejo, A Abdu, H Abdul-Hamid


Effects of root restriction on the ultrastructure of phloem in grape leaves

Z Xie, H Cao, B Li, CF Forney, B Wang, W Xu, S Wang


Characteristics and variability of half-sib progeny as the base for ginkgo breeding

M Ocokoljić, M Grbić, M Grbić, N Anastasijević


Distribution of 19 organochlorinated pesticides residues in ginseng and soils in Jilin Province, China

H Zhi-guang, L Yue-ru, Z Yu, W Xiu-mei, C Dan, L Zhong-bin, Y Xing