Systemic Assessment as a New Tool for Assessing Students Learning in Chemistry using SATL Methods: Systemic Matching, Systemic Synthesis, Systemic Analysis, Systemic Synthetic – Analytic, as Systemic Question Types

  • A F Fahmy
  • J J Lagowski


Systemic Assessment [SA] has been shown to be highly effective new vehicle in raising the level of students academic achievements, increasing equity of students learning outcomes, and improving students’ ability to learn by enhancing the process of teaching and learning, and involving the student as an active candidate in this process. Systemic Assessment [SA] assess students higher-order thinking skills in which students are required to analyze, synthesize, evaluate, and measures the students' ability to correlate between concepts. The Systemic Assessment Questions [SAQ] is a novel assessment tool which combines the ideas from systemic and constructivism and adjusts them in a concept map like structure .It was found to be a valuable strategy for assessing meaningful understanding of chemistry concepts. SAQ, s are the building unites of the systemic assessment. In this issue we use SAQ, s as a tool to assess the student achievement in chemistry. We use four new types of systemic assessment questions, namely Systemic Matching Questions [SMQ,s], Systemic Synthesis Questions [SSynQ,s], Systemic Analysis Questions [SAnQ, s], and Systemic Synthetic-Analytic Questions [SSyn-A Q,s].


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2227-5835