The African Journal of Chemical Education (AJCE) is a biannual online journal of the
Federation of African Societies of Chemistry (FASC). The primary focus of the content of AJCE is
chemistry education in Africa. It, however, addresses chemistry education issues from any part of
the world that have relevance for Africa. The type of contents may include, but not limited to, the

RESEARCH PAPERS reporting the results of original research. It is a peer-reviewed submission
that deals with chemistry education at any level (primary, secondary, undergraduate, and
postgraduate) and can address a specific content area, describe a new pedagogy or teaching
method, or provide results from an innovation or from a formal research project.

SHORT NOTES containing the results of a limited investigation or a shorter submission,
generally containing updates or extensions of a topic that has already been published.
REVIEWS presenting a thorough documentation of subjects of current interest in chemical

LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS describing a novel experiment/demonstration, including instructions for students and the instructor and information about safety and hazards.

SCIENTIFIC THEORIES describing the scientific, historical and philosophical foundations of
theories and their implications to chemical education.

ACTIVITIES describing a hands-on activity that can be done in the classroom or laboratory
and/or as a take home project,

addresses the relationship between indigenous knowledge and chemistry in Africa. It could be in
the form of an article, a note, an activity, commentary, etc.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A reader response to an editorial, research report or article that had
been published previously. The short piece should contribute to or elicit discussion on the subject
without overstepping professional courtesy.

All manuscripts must be written in English and be preferably organized under the following

a) TITLE, Author(s), Address(es), and ABSTRACT in the first page,
b) INTRODUCTION reviewing literature related to the theme of the manuscript, stating the problem and purpose of the study,
c) METHODOLOGY/EXPERIMENTAL including the design and procedures of the study, instruments used and issues related to the reliability and/or validity of the instruments, when applicable,
e) REFERENCES in which reference numbers appear in the text sequentially in brackets, each reference be given a separate reference number, et al and other notations like Ibid are avoided, and finally
f) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. When submitting a manuscript, please indicate where your manuscript best fits from the above list of categories of content type.

All enquiries and manuscripts should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief:
email, PO Box 2305, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2227-5835