Effects of technology driven pedagogy applications on the comprehension of complex and abstract concepts of chemical equilibrium

  • T Demissie
  • CE Ochonogor
  • T Engida


Chemistry students often regarded abstract and complex Chemistry concepts as difficult to learn (1; 2) and this prevents many of them from continuing studies in pure chemistry courses. This study investigated how students develop their comprehension of complex topics of chemistry with the aid of Technology Driven Pedagogy (TDP) by using animation, simulation and video integrated with student-centered learning in visualizing complex and abstract concepts of chemistry. TDP technique in the chemistry classroom was used to promote effective learning. A chemist can view a chemical reaction at the macroscopic level, what the reaction will look like to the student’s eye, and at the particulate level, what changes are taking place among the particles. TDP is used to create mental images and displays on the macroscopic level. It also enables students to present information in a more dynamic, compelling and interactive way, engaging the environment prepared for learning by doing. To apply TDP in supporting studentcentered learning activities, one week training on how to operate the computer with the experimental software was carried out on the experimental students of this study. This was followed by four weeks teaching and learning of chemical equilibrium topics for first-year
undergraduate students with art technology flash and micro media player for 15 male and 15 female students who were conveniently grouped into control and experimental groups. A particular focus group of this investigation was used to determine to what extent the use of TDP
can influence learning in Chemistry. This study employed sequential embedded mixed case study design. Pre and Post tests were  administrated to the target groups. The quality of the learning strategy was evaluated by administrating open and closed ended questions containing schedule, focused group discussion, and observations. The results obtained from the tests, participants` responses to the questionnaire schedule, focused group discussion and observation showed that TDP greatly improves the comprehension ability and performance of students in the subject. Therefore, TDP technique is a promising tool for simplifying and clarifying complex and abstract concepts of Chemistry and hence it is conclusively recommended by the researchers for a wider use. [AJCE, 3(2), June 2013]

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print ISSN: 2227-5835