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The Mediating Role of Strategic Planning on the Determinants of Sustainable Urban Tourism: Empirical Evidence from Tanzania

Veronica Chausiku Yacobo Nyerere
Deus Ngaruko
Shogo Mlozi


This study investigates the mediating role of strategic planning on the relationship between the destination determinants and sustainable urban tourism in Tanzania. The paper is guided by both social exchange theory and stakeholders’ theory. Four determinants of sustainable urban tourism were explored namely, stakeholders’ financial support, level of responsibility, technical support and information for the promotion and development of tourism and support from the local communities. Unlike other variables which were positively related to sustainable urban tourism, the support from the local communities was found to have a negative relationship with sustainable urban tourism. Structural equation modelling technique revealed that strategic planning had a full mediating effect of two sustainable urban tourism determinants namely, level of responsibility and support from the local communities. It was also revealed that the effects of stakeholders’ financial support and technical support on sustainable urban tourism are partially mediated by strategic planning. It is recommended that strategic planning policy initiatives to promote sustainable urban tourism development should focus on stakeholders’ willingness and participation, awareness on the sustainability issues, enhance technology innovation and proper infrastructure development