The role of women in youth health status- diet and exercise

  • B.A Adeniji
Keywords: youth health status, diet, exercise, physical education


Youths of today are leaders of tomorrow. Youth is the time of life when a person is young, especially the time before a child becomes an adult. Health is wealth. It is a common say that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation and since the women in the society stay more at home with the youths, they have important roles to play in taking care of them in terms of their diet and exercise. Youths in the society today are more obese than the adults; this is because they spend less time doing any form of physical activity when compared with the adults who spend more time on physical activities than the youths. It is important in the society to educate our youths on their health, how to improve their diets and encourage physical activities in our homes. This paper examined the roles of women in youth health status – Diet and Exercise. The paper recommended that women and the 3 tiers of government ( that is, local, state/regional, and federal government) should take adequate care of the youths in their homes and the society by providing good diet and allowing them to exercise regularly to keep the body healthy.

Keywords: youth health status, diet, exercise, physical education


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