Process development, nutrition and sensory characteristics of spiced-smoked and sun-dried Dagaa (Rastrineobola argentea) from Lake Victoria, Tanzania

  • PG Bille
  • RH Shemkai
Keywords: Acceptability, Dagaa, Rastrineobola argentea, sun-dried, spiced-smoked


Dagaa (Rastrineobola argentea), also known as Silver cyprinid, are tiny fish (< 9 g) found mostly in Lake Victoria, Nabugabo and Kyoga, and also in the River Nile. Dagaa are very popular food around the Lake Victoria area and are used for formulating animal feeds due to their nutritional quality. Harvesting of dagaa is a demanding activity and the methods used include scoop net, seine net and catamaran or lift net. The harvesting of
dagaa employs a lot of people along the lake carrying out the activities of fishing, preserving and selling. It is therefore considered to be a very important sector for job creation, income generation and food security. However, the traditional method of preserving dagaa, sun-drying dagaa (SDD) is often affected by heavy and prolonged rains in Tanzania. The present study was therefore undertaken to evaluate and compare the
processing of spice-smoke dagaa (SSD) and SDD as preservation methods for all-year round supply and marketing. The results showed that SSD could be produced throughout the year and had a significantly (p < 0.05) lower moisture content (SDD in brackets), than SDD 1.81 % (2.4 %). It also had an insignificant increase in fat content 14.9 % (14.1 %) and a significantly higher ash content 17.3 % (15.7 %). Dry matter content was insignificantly increased, 98.2 % (97.6 %). Crude protein was more or less unaffected in
the two products, 48.32 % (47.75 %). Sensory evaluation results showed that SSD (SDD in brackets) had significantly (p < 0.05) higher scores in appearance 4.2 (3.4), taste 4.1 (3.15), flavour 4.5 (3.2) and consumers preference or acceptability 4.47 (3.63). Similar results were also shown by the consumers on the open market around the lake. Both products
however, had no sign of dirt or filth. The SSD was, therefore, considered to be superior. Despite SSD good qualities, preference and availability, this study revealed that it could not match the sales volume of SDD on the local market due to its unfamiliarity and higher price.

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