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Women’s experiences of a follow up childbearing journey with Bachelor of Science students in Gauteng Province, South Africa

LM Modiba


The purpose of this study was to describe and analyse the lived experiences of the follow up journey of a pregnant woman by listening to the voices of women as they reflect on their journey. A qualitative, descriptive and contextual design was used to examine into each woman’s experience of her world from pregnancy to six weeks after delivery. Semi-structured interview questions were utilized in the form of face to face interviews; and electronic communication media, with the aim of exploring women’s experiences of the follow up journey programme. Two themes emerged from this study which were: a trusting relationship and being empowered. Under the trusting relationship, two subthemes were identified: relational continuity and presence. The theme on empowerment yielded two subthemes: individual care and coping. The importance of having a trusting relationship and of being empowered during childbearing process was highlighted in this study. This is a challenge to the South African government to focus more on woman’s individual needs and coping experiences.

Keywords: Childbearing, women experiences, Bachelor of Science students, follow-up.

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