Interrogating the ‘irrationality of the rational’ & child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe: The call for education for Hunhu / Ubuntu

  • Ngoni Makuvaza
Keywords: irrationality, cultural rationality, education for hunhu, chivanhu


This paper bemoans the current scourge of child- sexual abuse as well as the recent disturbing phenomenon of female rapists bedevilling the nation. It is particularly disconcerting when it is reported that there are over 2000 child rape cases reported each year in Zimbabwe. The author considers this as a serious problem which needs urgent attention. However, the author claims that, this scourge is concomitant with man’s broad search for ‘happiness’. Thus, this insatiable search for happiness has regrettably created a dilemma or paradox for 21st century man in Zimbabwe. This paradox hinges on man’s incessant and insatiable thirst for rational goods (happiness) through irrational means. Essentially, this has culminated in what this study refers to as the ‘paradox of the rational’ or the paradox of the ‘irrationality of the rational’. To interrogate this problematic malady, the author posits the following theses: (a) Zimbabwe is systematically sliding towards the ‘irrationality of the rational’, (c) consequently, there is need to revisit and ‘renegotiate’ the dominant perception regarding the rationality of man, and lastly; (c) it is not jails and stiffer penalties (not even ‘fencing’) on the offenders that can contain this scourge but probably a ‘cultural rationality’ emanating from chivanhu and hunhu. To this end, the author posits education for hunhu / ubuntu as having the potential to address this problem. In this paper, ‘man’ shall refer collectively, to both male and female.

Key terms: irrationality, cultural rationality, education for hunhu, chivanhu


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eISSN: 2409-5605
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