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Molecular identification of rotavirus strains associated with diarrhea among children in Kwara State, Nigeria

FA Kuta, A Uba, L Nimzing, D Damisa


The study was carried out to determine the molecular characteristics of the rotavirus strains associated with diarrhea among children in Kwara state, Nigeria. A total of 150 stool samples were collected from diarrheic children. The stool samples were screened for rotavirus,using Enzyme linked  Immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Nine (9) stool samples were positive 6%. The prevalence of rotavirus infection according to sex was as follows: Male 3.30% and Female 2.70%. The distribution of infection according to age of the children was as follows; <1-2 years 4% and 3-5 years had 2%. The prevalence of infection in dry months was 4.7% while in wet months it was
1.3%. Chi-square test revealed that there was no relationship between the rate of infection and factors such as age and sex of the children except seasonal variations. Molecular identification of the virus indicated P4, P6, G1 and G8 as the common genotypes of rotavirus in Kwara State. More
hospital and community base investigations should be conducted to  ascertain the diversity of the virus in Kwara State.

Keywords: Genotypes, prevalence, rotavirus, gastro-enteritis, Enzyme linked immunosorbent, Kwara State.
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