Bayero Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences (BAJOPAS) is an international journal that publishes original research and critical reviews in broad areas of Agricultural Sciences, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Laboratory Science and Technology, Mathematical Sciences, Microbiology, Physics and Medical Sciences. BAJOPAS is an online (hard copy available also) biannual publication (June & December) with intent to publish more frequently in the future depending on availability of accepted manuscripts.

Articles for publication should be sent to the Editor – in – Chief, BAJOPAS, Faculty of Science, Bayero University, P.M.B. 3011, Kano or through the Journal email address:

Postal: Faculty of Science, Bayero University, PMB 3011, Kano

Manuscripts submitted from Nigeria must be submitted along with a processing fee of N5,000.00, while articles submitted from other countries are not accompanied with processing charges. Articles not accompanied by the assessment fee will not be processed. Upon acceptance of a paper for publication, the corresponding author must submit the original paper (reviewed), corrected paper, CD version of the paper (CD-R) or through email and a publication fee of N10,000.00 (within Nigeria) or $150 (outside Nigeria).

Review Process
Articles for publication will be peer reviewed by a minimum of 2 reviewers to ensure accuracy. The Board’s decision on publishing a paper will be guided strictly by the reviewer’s comments. 

Upon acceptance of a paper by the Journal, the author(s) have automatically transferred copyright of the paper to BAJOPAS. The transfer will ensure widest possible dissemination of information.
General Instructions
Authors are to submit three (3) copies of the manuscript. Submitted papers should contain results from original researches that are not being considered for publication elsewhere or previously published. Manuscripts submitted to the journal are peer reviewed to ensure high standard. Single author research papers are not accepted by BAJOPAS but critical reviews by single authors are accepted. 

Manuscripts should be readable and computer typed on white A4 paper, portrait, double spaced throughout leaving 1" wide margin on both sides. Manuscripts should be written in English language and should not exceed 12 pages. Any additional page attracts extra charge. The programme should be MS Word format.

S.I. units and metric systems of measurement are acceptable and Latin words should be in italics.

Text: The text of the manuscript should appear in the following order. Title, authors name(s) and address (es), abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, tables, figures, and plates, discussions, conclusion, recommendation(s), acknowledgement, references, (authors should please comply strictly to this format).

Title page: The title of the paper should unambiguously reflect the content and the main theme of the paper. The full names and addresses of authors (including names of institutions, country, email address and telephone numbers) should be stated. In the case of joint authorship or multiple authorship, the name and mailing address of the author to whom further correspondence would be referred should be indicated, otherwise, the name of the first author on the list is assumed to be the correspondence author, not corresponding author. Authors' names should start with surnames then initials of other names.

Introduction: This should contain mainly essential background information and important relevant references. The objectives of the work and its relevance or contribution must be clearly stated. The literature cited must be discussed to show the relationships between the published and the research study.

Materials and Methods: New methods and modifications of established ones should be described in detail to enable repetition by other workers. For the established and published methods, references should be made to the relevant publications.
Generally acceptable, scientific terms should be used. Discuss the factors, problems encountered and the solutions as they apply to your study. Due attention should be given to experimental design and statistical analysis of data where applicable.

Results: Table and figures should be kept to minimum. Type each table on a separate sheet of paper. Each table must be numbered in Arabic numerals and should contain brief title on top. Figures and plates should be of scanned reproducible quality.

Discussion: This section may be combined with results. Avoid repetition of methodology and results in your discussion. Discussion should indicate clearly the significance and implications of the results obtained. Relate your work to published studies. References should be cited, e.g. Sule (2008), Mukhtar and Deeni (2001), or Atiku et al. (1987) if there are more than two authors.
Note: Results and discussion could be presented together. In such case, each result should be presented immediately by discussion specific to the result and this should continue until all the results have been presented and discussed

Conclusion: Conclusion should be drawn from the aim(s) and objectives of the work. It should not carry too much detail of the results.

Recommendations: Should be optional and must be drawn from the study.

Author’s contributions: Contribution by each author must be stated clearly. Contributors must have actively participated in the conduct or supervision of the research. Proof reading or writing the manuscript does not confer one an authorship of a manuscript.

Conflict of interest: There should not be any conflict of interest among the authors in whatever form.

Acknowledgement: Optional and should acknowledge support and assistance rendered by individual(s) or organizations.

The reference style should be the APA format.

One author:
Abdullahi, I.L. (2003): A Study of Vegetable Cultivation in the Peri-urban Kano. Journal of Applied and Pure Sciences, 1(1):6 – 14.

Two authors:
Bukar, A. and Magashi, A.M. (2007): Antibacterial and Antifungal Effect of High pH and Paraffin Wax on Tomatoes, Oranges and Peppers. African Journal of Biotechnology, 6(6):720 – 722.

More than two authors
Soroceanu, M.A., Miao. D., Bai, X., Su, H., Goltzman, D. and Karaplis, A.C. (2004). Rosiglitazone Impacts Negatively on Bone by Promoting Osteoblast/Osteocyte Apoptosis. Journal of Endocrinology. 183:203- 216.


Journal Identifiers

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