Road network: the silent treasures of Kano metropolis

  • A. M. Ibrahim
  • M. A. Mohammed
Keywords: Kano, Metropolis, Network, Road, Treasure,


The paper appraised the available road networks in Kano metropolis in relation to their nature; spatial distribution; connectivity index; accessibility index of the Kano urban terrain; and functional wellbeing. The methods used include analysis of secondary data generated from the 2011 satellite imageries (at 0.5m resolution) with the aid of Quantum GIS; road stock inventory; road classification and mapping; as well as field observation. The result shows that, Kano metropolis is well stocked with all sorts of road networks and majority of which (72%) conformed to planning standards and urban environmental quality. The road network density is very high (about 22.72Km/Km2), there is high connectivity index (1.3 Beta Index), and conducive mobility status. The road network structure is made up of two main patterns: a circular and grid topologies. Inadequate road maintenance culture and weak development control measures are the major challenges facing road network performance and development in Kano metropolis. The study concluded that apart from being a medium of mobility, road network in Kano metropolis is also a treasure to current and future generations. It was therefore, recommended that: the scope of Kano State Road Maintenance Agency (KARMA) should be increased to take care of full road revitalization; KNUPDA should come up with stringent measures against erection of detrimental features along road sides; and also scope of Kano State Road Traffic Agency (KAROTA) should be increased so as to take care of road vandalization, destruction and mutilation.

Keywords: Kano, Metropolis,Network, Road,Treasure,


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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996