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Preliminary phytochemical constituents and phytotoxic effect of <i>Albizia lebbeck</i> (L.) Benth on <i>Sorghum bicolor</i>

S.A. Lawan
A Saleh
B.G. Sani
A.M. Fa’iza
A.Z. Sadiya


The preliminary Phytochemical investigations and phytotoxic effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Albizia lebbeck on Sorghum bicolor was assessed. The result from phytochemical screening revealed that all the allelochemicals tested where found present except steroids and phlobatannins when petroleum ether, methanol and water extracts were used. Petroleum ether extract show the presence of amino acids, protein and glycosides while methanol and water extracts showed their absence. Alkaloids, anthraquinones and acids were found present when methanol was used and absent using petroleum ether and water extracts. These allelochemicals are all important allelopathic sources. The leaf extract slowed down the rate of growth of the radicle and plumule of Sorghum bicolor seeds when compared to control. But these inhibitions were not significantly different at 5% level. The degree of inhibition increased with increase of concentration of the extracts hence inhibitions were prominent at extract of higher concentrations.

Keywords: Phytochemical constituents, Phytotoxic effects, Albizia lebbeck, Sorghum bicolor

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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996