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Proximate, caffeine and tannin analyses in some brands of tea consumed in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria

MI Mohammed
MA Sulaiman


The determination of proximate, caffeine and tannin contents of five different (China, Kenya, India, Srilanka and Mambilla) tea leaves samples sold in Kano markets was conducted. The moisture content was generally high in all the tea samples and ranged from 5.6% in Mambila to 7.5% in India samples. Ash content was relatively low and ranged between 4.90% in Srilanka to 7.20% in Mambila and Kenya samples respectively. Crude fibre ranged from 14.00% in China to 18.82% in Srilanka samples, while ether extract content was within the range of 9.30% to 10.60% with the highest value found in Mambila sample and the least value in Kenya sample. Total nitrogen contents were low when compared with other workers’ results and ranged from 0.88% in Kenya to 1.75% in Mambila and Srilanka samples respectively. Caffeine and tannin contents were found to be 1.4% in Kenya to 2.80% in China, 6.00% in Mambilla to 7.80% in India samples respectively.

Keywords: Proximate, Analysis, Caffeine, Tannin, Tea, Kano

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eISSN: 2006-6996
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