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Measurement of radionuclides in processed mine tailings in Jos, Plateau State

WE Mangset
AT Sheyin


The Jos Plateau is situated in the central part of Northern Nigeria, on a rugged terrain of low lands at the edge of the Plateau surface (Hyde, 1986). It is the principal centre of tin and columbite mineralization, which forms the focal area of younger granites (Macleod et al., 1971). The mine tailings are associated with radioactive minerals as impurities such as monazite, zircon among others. These minerals are very radioactive and causes hazards to human health during mining and milling. A total of thirty-one (31) tailing samples were collected from a processing site in Jos at different directions and distances and analyzed for 40K, 226Ra and 232Th concentrations using NaI (TI) detector in order to estimate the level of their radiological impact to the public. The highest and lowest concentrations were in D8 of 232Th (27930.0Bqkg–1) and D5 of 226Ra (364.9Bqkg–1). All concentrations ranged from 364.9Bqkg–1 – 27930.0Bqkg–1 in the tailings.

Keywords: Tailings, Radionuclides, Radiation and Dose Limit.

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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996